Sugar Rush and Alcohol Craving Fuels Endodontics Treatment Market

Sugar Rush and Alcohol Craving Fuels Endodontics Treatment Market

Sugar Rush And Alcohol Craving Fuels Endodontics Treatment Market

Endodontics is the field of dentistry associated with dental pulp biology and includes the diagnosis, etiology, and treatment of dental pulp injury and disease. Endodontics has been exhaustively researched in the past two decades and a number of advancements have enhanced the efficacy of treatment options. Endodontists specialize in root canal therapy, surgery, the treatment of cracked teeth, along with various other dental trauma. Endodontic therapy goes a long way in protecting teeth from infections as nerves, fibrous tissue, venules, and lymphatic tissue are extremely sensitive and prone to damage.

Rampant Tobacco And Sugar Consumption Harms Oral Health

According to data from the WHO, the majority of oral diseases share modifiable risk factors with other forms of non-communicable diseases. For example – in apical periodontitis, endodontic treatment aims to restore the peri radicular tissue to health, through a combination of root canal therapy and surgical endodontics. These risks can be attributed to an unhealthy diet characterized by high tobacco consumption, sugar rich foods, and alcohol. Unfortunately, it has been observed that the menace of oral disease continues unabated even after the improvement in oral health across countries. Furthermore, severe periodontal disease is the 11th most prevalent disease, highlight the importance of the endodontics treatment market.

Europeans And American Geriatrics Falling Victim To Periodontal Diseases

Endodontics consumables comprise access preparation, obturation, and shaping and cleaning. The shaping and cleaning segment consists of a large section of the global endodontics treatment market as root canal therapy necessitates this to prevent dental caries. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, roughly 2/5th of the Americans population suffers from periodontitis. Similarly, the European Federation of Periodontology suggests that 4/5th of Europeans over the age of 35 have some sort of gum disease. Periodontal diseases are a major chunk of healthcare expenditure in the geriatric population of ageing countries. The consumables segment is on track to record the highest CAGR in the medium to long term and companies are advised to target it with all guns blazing.

Technological Innovations Aplenty In The Endodontics Treatment Market

The endodontics treatment market has borne witness to plenty of technological advancements and it is considered to be a high-profit opportunity. Surgical microscopes, specified endodontic tips, electronic apex locators, ultrasonic units with new obturation systems, and digital radiography are just a few areas where breakthrough technologies have emerged. However, innovation does not come cheap and the high cost of endodontic treatment coupled with the lack of reimbursement policies is a huge restraint in the endodontics treatment market. There are often strict regulatory procedures and stringent approval policies stifling the long-term development of the endodontics treatment market. Lastly, there is a serious dearth of qualified dental professionals unlikely to abate anytime soon, adding to the woes of the endodontics treatment market.

Intensely Competitive Endodontics Treatment Market Arena

The global endodontics treatment market is highly fragmented and no single player dominates. A few of the major stakeholders are Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Septodont Holding, Dentsply Sirona Inc, Coltene Group, VOCO GmbH, DiaDent Group International, PreXion, Brasseler USA, KaVo Kerr, and FKG Dentaire SA.

Dental Clinics And Handpieces Winning Combo In Endodontics Treatment

With respect to instruments, the endodontics treatment market can be divided into motors, machine-assisted obturation systems, endodontic lasers, handpieces, and apex locators. During the period studied, handpieces accounted for the largest portion of the endodontics treatment market. When it comes to end users, dental clinics, dental hospitals, and dental academic & research institutes require endodontic equipment with dental clinics consuming the bulk of it. In addition, dental clinics are projected to demonstrate the highest CAGR due to an ever-increasing number of patients opting for root canal therapy.

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