Global Heavy Trucks Market to Remain Influenced by LEAD; Electrification in Heavy Trucks to Rub off on the Demand in India making it a Lucrative Business Opportunity

Global Heavy Trucks Market to Remain Influenced by LEAD; Electrification in Heavy Trucks to Rub off on the Demand in India making it a Lucrative Business Opportunity

Global Heavy Trucks Market To Remain Influenced By LEAD; Electrification In Heavy Trucks To Rub Off On The Demand In India Making It A Lucrative Business Opportunity

Globalization has paved potential avenues for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) that has reinforced the augmentation of the heavy trucks market. Growth in development of transport efficiency and logistics networks has allowed remanufacturing, in turn salvaging business in the developing regions. Introduction and installation of enhanced telematics such as advanced safety features and adaptive cruise control has boosted demand of advanced heavy trucks across various industry verticals including but not limited to construction, freight carriage, mining and excavations. This aspect lays the foundation of growth in sales of heavy trucks, ultimately presenting potential growth avenues for heavy trucks market worldwide.

Indian Market For Heavy Trucks To Witness A Positive Transformation In The Years To Follow 

The heavy trucks market in India, for more than seven decades, was tagged regressive providing an environment unfriendly, less than safe, underpowered vintage class of heavy trucks. Seldom has the Indian heavy trucks industry witnessed an evoke in positive sentiments unlike the Europe counterparts. However, this scenario is expected to go in for a complete overhaul in the coming years, given the advent of Volvo in the late 90s. The Indian heavy trucks market is expected to catch up with its European counterparts in terms of emission norms with time-lag already decreased to 5-6 years. The “Stop Stopping Yourself” mantra has triggered an unprecedented transformation of the heavy trucks industry in terms of a radical reformation in industry culture adaptation to change and mindfulness.

Moreover, the penetration of electrification in the Indian heavy trucks market is yet another pivot influencing the market’s growth in the country. Less than a million heavy trucks on the highways in India consuming thousands of gallons of imported-expensive fuel is rubbing off on the demand for electric heavy trucks in the country.

“LEAD”- The 4 Megatrends To Shape The Heavy Truck Market – A Radical Advancement In The Offing

Growing modernization and advances in technology is only the tip of the iceberg. The use of modern technologies has not left any sector untouched and the automotive sector is no exception. Four major trends have been influencing and shaping the automotive sector, especially the heavy trucks market. New Logistics, Electrification, Autonomous trucks and Digitalization (LEAD) have been revolutionizing the heavy truck market and expected to bring about a continued radically positive development of the heavy truck market on the global front.

Changes in logistics would is likely to influence the customer structure of heavy truck OEMs with a further fleet growth. Electrification is expected to bring in emission optimization, being driven by regulations laid by governments. Moreover, suppliers are expected to benefit from this the electrification trend due to increased value add demands from OEMs such as electric axles. With automation in the scenario, challenges are bound to occur with respect to safety, fuel costs, driver shortages and hours-of-service. However, payback of investment and cost savings are likely to be realized in the long run with driverless heavy trucks. Digitalization is expected to boost the heavy truck telematics, driving the creation of a entirely new truck service picture in the coming years. However, the speed of influence of these four trends will depend on the respective regulatory scenario, such as emission standards per region, cabotage restrictions, driving times and rest periods, platooning and special regulations apropos to electric vehicles, to name a few.

Construction And Infrastructure To Indirectly Fuel The Use Of Heavy Trucks

Growing infrastructure and construction activities worldwide are shaping the heavy trucks market globally. Increasing demand for better transport facilities and connectivity is expected to fuel the demand of heavy trucks, in turn boosting the market valuation of heavy trucks market. Moreover, aspects such as accelerated growth in land excavations, moving large land tracts for archaeological purpose, and laying foundations are expected to re-enforce the demand for earth moving facilities and road construction, which is projected to have a positive influence on the heavy trucks marketplace.

Competitors Focused On Enhancing Their Truck Portfolio By New Introductions 

Key players in the heavy trucks market continue to strive to stay in completion with other brands, in a bid to maintain their position in the global market. For instance, Eicher has launched two heavy trucks – the Eicher Pro 6049 and Eicher Pro 6041, thus expanding its truck range portfolio. Likewise, Infraprime Logistics Technology, an Indian start up, has introduced the country’s first 60 tonne all electric heavy truck, with an automatic transmission feature for a 2-speed operation. Volvo is also introducing new heavy trucks with a major focus on safety, productivity and driver environment. Volvo FH, FM, FH-16 and FMX are the new introductions by the company in the heavy trucks space and are representing around two thirds of the company’s truck deliveries.

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