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Global Airframe MRO Market Size, Analysis, and Forecast to 2025


Published on 12/01/2019| Code: BC21116H| Category: Aerospace & Defense| Total Pages: 64

The global aerospace airframe MRO market is expected to reach USDXX billion by 2025. The market will register a CAGR of XX% during 2020-2025 period. Over the forecast period, the demand will strengthen further with the industry expected to register a considerable growth rate through 2025.

The report on aerospace airframe MRO, segments the market by fragments, application, and geography. In terms of fragments segmentation, fuselage segment accounted for the largest market share in 2019. It accounted for a value of USDXX billion in 2019, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of XX% during the 2020-2025 period. The segment was followed by wings segment, which is expected to register a considerable CAGR during the same period.

In 2019, commercial aircraft segment accounted for XX% of the application segmentation in the market. The segment dominated the market and is expected to grow further over the forecast period. It is followed by the defense aircraft segment, which accounted for a share of XX% in 2019, and is expected to reach USDXX billion by 2025.

Among the various regions, North America and Europe together held a XX% share of the aircraft airframe MRO market in 2019. Together these regions lead the market and will continue to be one of the dominant regions through the forecast period. Significant growth in the market however, will be in the Asia Pacific region which is expected to grow at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period.

Some of the players in the global aircraft airframe MRO market are Lufthansa Technik, Singapore Technologies Engineering, and AAR. These companies have considerable incidence in the market and are at the forefront of brand presence and visibility.

The report includes the following segmentations:

*Segmentation by Fragments:
• Fuselage
• Wings
• Windows & windshields
• Doors
• Elevator

*Segmentation by Application:
• Commercial aircrafts
• Defense aircrafts
• Business jets

*Geographical Segmentation:
• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Middle East & Africa
• Central & South America

*Country coverage:
• U.S.
• U.K.
• Germany
• India
• China

Key information included in the report are:
* The size of the market size in 2025 and its growth rate.
* Factors affecting the growth of the market and the observed prime drivers.
* Information on the key revenue generating segment – product type, component, region, country.
* Information on the fastest growth segment and the largest market share holder segment.

Section 1. Executive Summary:
Section 2. The Market:
2.1 Market Size and Forecast, 2018-2025
2.2 Market Segment Analysis
2.3 Market Segment Size and Forecast, 2018-2025
Section 3. Segmentation by Fragments:
3.1 Global fuselage MRO market, 2018-2025
3.2 Global wings MRO market, 2018-2025
3.3 Global windows & windshields MRO market, 2018-2025
3.4 Global doors MRO market, 2018-2025
3.5 Global elevator MRO market, 2018-2025
Section 4. Segmentation by Application:
4.1 Global commercial aircraft airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
4.2 Global defense aircraft airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
4.3 Global business jets airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Section 5. Geographical Segmentation:
5.1 North America aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
5.2 North America aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
5.3 North America aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
5.4 Europe aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
5.5 Europe aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
5.6 Europe aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
5.7 Asia Pacific aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
5.8 Asia Pacific aerospace airframe MRO market, fragments, 2018-2025
5.9 Asia Pacific aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
5.10 MEA aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
5.11 MEA aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
5.12 MEA aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
5.13 CSA aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
5.14 CSA aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
5.15 CSA aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
Section 6. Country Segmentation:
6.1 U.S. aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
6.2 U.K. aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
6.3 Germany aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
6.4 India aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025 
6.5 China aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Section 7. Market Drivers and Challenges:
7.1 Drivers
7.2 Challenges
Section 8. Market Trends:
Section 9. Competitive Landscape
9.1 Overview and prime companies
Section 10. Abbreviations and Related Reports

Chart - Global aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Global aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
Chart - Global aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
Chart - Global fuselage MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Global wings MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Global windows & windshields MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Global aerospace doors MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Global aerospace elevator MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Global commercial aircraft airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Global defense aircraft airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Global business jets airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - North America aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - North America aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
Chart - North America aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
Chart - Europe aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Europe aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
Chart - Europe aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
Chart - Asia-pacific aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Asia-pacific aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
Chart - Asia-pacific aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
Chart - MEA aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - MEA aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
Chart - MEA aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
Chart - CSA aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - CSA aerospace airframe MRO market, by fragments, 2018-2025
Chart - CSA aerospace airframe MRO market, by application, 2018-2025
Chart - U.S. aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - U.K. aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - Germany aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - India aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025
Chart - China aerospace airframe MRO market, 2018-2025

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