Rising Digitalization of Education to Drive Tremendous Growth in the Study Tools Market

Rising Digitalization of Education to Drive Tremendous Growth in the Study Tools Market

The rising disruption in education globally, and growing digitalization will likely drive tremendous growth for the study tools market. According to the United Nations report, there are 1.5 billion students around the globe who lost out on schooling opportunities, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, over 60 million teachers also remain at home, due to the growing pandemic. These students will face tremendous challenges as their preparation for school remains hampered, and they do not have access to social resources to remain disciplined, and pursue scholastic achievement. The major impact of the coronavirus has also forced millions around the world to engage in education through digital education systems. These students continue to gain exposure to new study tools, leading to increased awareness, and major impetus for growth for the study tools market.

Rising Anxiety, Depression to Drive Growth of Quality Products in the Study Tools Market

According to recent study published in the journal of Medical Internet Research, the covid-19 pandemic has led to increased stress, and anxiety among students. The study reported that 71% students reported major symptoms of stress, and anxiety, and even depression wasn’t uncommon. As the pandemic loomed large, 91% reported negative impact on their lives. Moreover, 89% reported difficulties in concentrating, and 86% reported decreased social interactions. This has led to increased demand for study tools that can help students plan out their yearly work to achieve better results, and communicate with their peers regularly over digital mediums. In the study, over 82% students reported increased concerns on academic performance. The rising scholastic expectations, rising difficulties in maintaining academic progress, and growing awareness about digital products will remain key to driving growth in the study tools market.

Rising Pressure to Pass Standardized Tests Remains a Promising Growth Prospect

US education continues to witness a rise of standardized testing. Since acts like No Child Left Behind were introduced in 2002, the US continues to see major addition to standardized testing each year, with every third-to-eighth grader expected to take tests. Moreover, there is an increasing pressure since the act was introduced onto students. The results of these standardized tests are often made public, giving rise to more peer-pressure, parental pressure, and social pressure. Moreover, the growing testing has also introduced gender-based biases, which make it difficult for some to exceed regardless of their caliber. Furthermore, for many students, these tests remain key to getting scholarships, getting into important programs like one for gifted students, and social prestige. The growing demand for high-pressure testing, increasing availability of study tools to further memorization, and conceptualization, and increasing access to digital study tools will drive major growth for the study tools market.

The landscape of the study tools market remains robust, as game-based learning, and training modules for corporate training continue to open new niche opportunities. Moreover, research also shows positive adoption for digitalization, and online learning among students, and instructors alike, providing momentum to growth for products in the study tools market.

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