Global Testing Swabs for COVID-19 Test Kit Market

Global Testing Swabs for COVID-19 Test Kit Market

On February 8, 2021, World Health Organization reported that there were 105,805,921 cases of Covid-19. The deaths from the global pandemic had amounted to 2,312,278. Moreover, countries like the US have led with over 4,50,000 deaths globally, underlining the severity of the pandemic, and inability of the current health infrastructure systems to tackle the challenge. Furthermore, according to unofficial reports, the US conducts 3.12 tests per 1,000 people each day, despite the change in leadership, and an advanced infrastructure. The limitations of available health workers, and limitations of manual testing are limitations to more widespread testing. However, countries like the US have tested 916 people per 1000 people as of today. On the other hand, countries like India have tested just 146.3 people per 1,000. Hence, the current demand, and anticipated needs will rise major growth for the global testing swabs for covid-19 test kits market.

Limited Response to New Strain of Virus Can Drive Greater Need for Testing

According to news reports from Pfizer, and Moderna makers, their vaccination promises little efficacy for the new strain of virus. This has caused concern among people, government entities, and other stakeholders. Currently, there are no effective vaccinations available. Institutes like Serum have promised efficacy for the new strain, however, their studies have not been peer reviewed yet. Moreover, the strain is far more infectious as compared to old coronavirus. The people around the world are also experiencing a certain fatigue to deal with the virus. In countries like the US, limited financial remuneration have limited an effective response to the virus, causing major delays in awareness, and action from people. The growing demand for an effective response, and change in administration in key countries like the US will likely drive robust testing for new strains in the near future.

Growing Demand for Mass Testing to Drive Major Growth for the Global Testing Swabs Market

Currently, there two major tests on the market to test positivity for covid-19 patients. The first is polymerase chain reaction or PCR. This test delivers a high accuracy for results, making it the go-to option for countries like the United States. The accuracy from these tests can be as high as over 90%. On the other hand, the testing from rapid antigen tests has become the go-to option for many developing countries like India, for mass testing purposes. Moreover, there are also other tests which confirm the presence of antibodies in an individual. These tests are useful for determine if a patient had been infected in the past. This is useful for a wide variety of research purposes including gauging the spread of the disease, and helping to control it. Furthermore, new technologies like NGS or Next-Gen Sequencing are also leading to mass accurate testing in countries like the US. The tests can pool samples of over 100,000 individuals to within 8 to 12 hours. The growing demand for effective testing, advancement in instruments, and new strains of more infectious viruses will drive major growth for the global testing swabs for covid-19 market.

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