Global Solar Protection Fabrics Market Promises Robust Growth as Skin Diseases Soar

Global Solar Protection Fabrics Market Promises Robust Growth as Skin Diseases Soar

According to the World Health Organization, skin conditions are among the most common of all human afflictions, and affect over 900 million worldwide at any given time. Moreover, top 5 skin conditions account for over 80% of the cases, making it easier to tackle the skin disease pandemic. The WHO also reports that skin diseases can result in disability, long-term disfigurement, and stigma for individuals around the world. According to Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, each year over 4.3 million adults in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer, the most common form of cancer. The disease results in treatment costs of over $4.8 billion per year. The CDC also recommends people to wear clothing with UV protection, side panels, and high-SPF. Organizations like WHO also categorize many skin disorders in the ‘neglected’ category. The growing awareness about prominent diseases like skin cancer, growing efficacy of solar protection fabrics, and growing demand for solar protection fabrics will witness major growth during the 2021-2027 period.

Rising Demand for Child Protective Clothing to Drive Highest Growth

Recent studies show that impact of skin diseases remains cumulative, and it takes a heavy toll on children before they turn 18. Moreover, reports from countries like Australia, the US, and Britain show that sun-protective clothing for children remains one of the fastest growing segment. Furthermore, the desire for parents to protect their children supports ongoing research. According to the skin cancer foundation, 23% sun burn or radiation impact occurs before children turn 18. Moreover, over the last three decades, the skin cancer has remained the most prevalent among all cancer types. Furthermore, millennials remain increasingly concerned about their personal wellbeing as compared to older generations like baby boomers. Hence, the desire of millennial moms to protect their children, and high cost of children friendly sunscreen solutions continue to drive growth in key markets like the US, Europe, Australia, among others. According to Adheer Bahulkar, a partner in the retail practice of global strategy and management consulting firm, A.T.Kearney, today Australians spend five times more on sun-protective clothing than they do on sunscreens. Furthermore, the US market for sun protective clothing is valued at over $1 billion, and promises potential of over $10 billion.

Rising Manufacturing Interest to Drive Major Growth in the US

According to Mac Mckeever, the spokesperson of L.L. Bean, there is a strong, and steady growth in sun protective clothing over the last few years. The brand produces a number of sun protecting clothing products for children including t-shirts, swim shorts, leggings, and more. According to Meadow Lacy, the executive vice president of Ashland, the demand for sun-protective clothing for children has been the fastest growing segment in clothing in the last 25 years. He believes it is the best business to be at the moment. This has pushed major brands to get into sun protective clothing, Fred Schmidt, the owner of Shade Critters could not find sun-protective clothing in stores a few years ago. Today, his company caters through 700 stores to children aged 6 months to 14 years across the country. Fred tells his salesmen a very simple line, “it is the only thing in the stores that the doctor told them they need to buy. This demand is driven by necessity.”

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