Global Semiconductor Assembly and Testing Service Market Evaluated at USD 50,224 Million and Is Anticipated to Reach USD 71,785 Million by 2028

Global Semiconductor Assembly and Testing Service Market Evaluated at USD 50,224 Million and Is Anticipated to Reach USD 71,785 Million by 2028

Global Semiconductor Assembly and Testing Services Market

In 2020 the global semiconductor assembly and testing service market evaluated at USD 50,224 million and is anticipated to reach USD 71,785 million by 2028 with a growth of 4.56% CAGR from 2020 to 2028.

Semiconductors are materials that have conductivity between conductors generally these conductors are metals and non-conductors or also known as insulators like ceramics. Semiconductors assembly refers to the process of connecting a semiconductor device or integrated circuit into package, it is usually a series of packaging stages like die preparation, die-attach, wire-bonding, encapsulation or sealing, lead finish etc. Several materials are used to build semiconductor Silicon being the widely used semiconductor.

This optoelectronics play a vital part in fabrication of electronic devices without which any electronic system is worthless. All electronic items like radio, TV’s, mainly video games and most importantly computers require semiconductors. Additionally, semiconductors are also used in medical equipment’s, house hold appliances as well as in mobile phones digital cameras, LED bulbs and many more. Semiconductor plays an important part of individual’s day to day life.  Furthermore, optoelectronics portrays a vital role in operation of bank ATM’s, trains, internet, communication sources and in some parts of social infrastructure, efficient logistic systems and many more.

The birth of semiconductors can be traced backed in 1874 at the time of AC-DC converter invention. Much later, point-contact transistor was invented in 1947 in Bell laboratories in US. However, in 1946 University of   Pennsylvania built a computer using vacuum tubes which were huge that it occupied entire building and consumed lot of electrical energy and produced lot of heat. Later on, computers with semiconductors were developed which brought about a global change.

The founders of semiconductors Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their research and contribution in semiconductors and transistors. Following the invention semiconductor market grew rapidly and exceeded the scale of 1000 million by 1957. As technology continued to advance it had a major impact on the history of semiconductors.

The industrial automation plays a vital role in industry and manufacturing unit. It is cost efficient and saves time as well as reduces on human efforts. The utilization of advanced control system including computer and automated machines for performing various processes to maximize productivity. Also the growing adoption of IoT across industrial sector is expediting the use of semiconductor material which can help manufacturers to enhance their performances. Due to the advancement in industrial automation there is a rising demand for semiconductor devices which in turn is bolstering the growth of semiconductor assembly and testing services market.

On the basis of application, the market is divided into automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, medical, etc. On the grounds of location semiconductor assembly and testing services market is segmented to Europe, APAC, and North America. APAC dominated the market by more than 50% share which was followed by North America and Europe.

The impact of Covid -19 restrictions has affected several economies resulting into lesser production of commodities, goods and services. Manufacturing, automotive, and semiconductor industries have seen a decline in operation on account of government imposed lockdowns and shutdowns and has suffered major hit for production of electronic components. Even though with this impact semiconductor assembly and testing services market has sustained due to the rising demand for remote work and consecutively need for advanced electronics products for better connectivity.

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