Global Mailbox Alerts Market to Register Double-Digit Growth as E-commerce Drives Growth

Global Mailbox Alerts Market to Register Double-Digit Growth as E-commerce Drives Growth

The global mailbox alerts market is likely to witness robust growth during 2021-2028 period, thanks to rising e-commerce traction. According to the US department of commerce, the e-commerce sales hit $791.70 billion in 2020, rising by 32.4%. This is the highest growth for e-commerce, and has more than doubled its previous growth rate. The increased threat to public safety due to coronavirus, and increased penetration of e-commerce due to rising number of digital users will accelerate growth for mailbox alert systems. Moreover, threats to mailboxes is also rising in the US with police issuing warnings to homeowners to collect packages in person or install mailbox alert systems. The battlefield police department in Missouri issued a warning to homeowners that mailbox break-ins, and thefts were on the rise. Despite increased patrol from police officers, the office found it difficult to manage the crisis, as they were not aware who should have been picking up the mail. The department informed the residents of the county to remain on high alert. Furthermore, the spokesperson for the United States Postal Service issued a statement telling homeowners to plan their packages in advance. The growing digitalization, high-value of e-commerce sales, and growing threats to mailboxes remain promising drivers of growth in the global mailbox alerts market.

Rising Demand for Smart Homes Among Millennials to Remain a Promising Prospect

Homeownership has remained a pipedream for many millennials for decades. The sluggish economy, and dwindling financial prospects remained a challenge for millennials. However, recent article from Bloomberg states that millennials are increasingly moving towards home-ownership. In 2016-17, the population of homeowners among millennials increased to 36%, from 34.7% a year earlier. This was the largest rise among any group in the same year. The millennial generation grew up with many modern marvels of technology including connectivity, and digitalization. Furthermore, this generation shows more favorability towards adoption of technology over conventional conveniences like gardening, granite countertops, open floor plans, among others. Additionally, the mailbox alert systems today can be easily combined with smart home automation which can with a flicker of light or through smart speakers like Alexa, announce incoming packages, or deliveries in mailboxes. These smart automation tools are ideal for homeowners who live in large residences, or have their mailboxes located far away from their homes. The mailbox alerts can inform package owners of thefts, or just incoming deliveries in the nick of time. The rising demand for smart homes among millennials, need to access remote mailboxes in shared apartment complexes, and growing e-commerce will promise more opportunities for growth for players in the global mailbox alerts market.

The global mailbox alerts market is a fragmented, and innovative landscape. The rising innovation in digital systems, complimentary technologies like App systems, and growing hybrid combination of software, and hardware technology remains a key driver of growth in the market. Some key players in the global mailbox alerts market are Bubba's Home Security, Smarthome, Return-to-Center, Safety Technology International, Mail Chime, and SadoTech.

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