Global Intelligent Parking Market Is Expected to Reach $11,130 Million by 2027

Global Intelligent Parking Market Is Expected to Reach $11,130 Million by 2027

Intelligent Parking market

Intelligent Parking Market is also called Smart parking system (SPS) that helps drives for safe parking. Accessible space in parking opening is shown by sign or image with the assistance of embedded programming and sensors. The empty space is told to the driver, effectively due to the appropriate administration of the vehicle. This innovation utilizes various kinds of sensors as an equipment part in the leaving opening to distinguish presence or nonattendance of the vehicles. Intelligent parking gives ongoing information data in regards to the accessibility of adjacent parking spot and permits driver to oblige that space with no impedance of different vehicles. There are two types of intelligent parking include On-street Parking and Off-Street parking.

Intelligent parking upgrades parking spots through robotized access control frameworks, parking guidance systems (PGS), stopping saving boundaries and ticketing systems. It uses mechanical game plans to ship vehicles starting with one parking spot then onto the next and dispose of the squandered space in a multistory or single-story garage. It utilizes vehicle counting hardware, camcorders, automatic number plate recognition readers (ANPR) and asphalt sensors to decide the inhabitancy of a parking garage and communicate the information to the control place continuously. It intends to aid the smooth progression of traffic in clogged regions and give a deliberate stopping activity. It additionally directs clients to accessible stopping spaces by exploring them through a cell phone application. When situated as a framework, intelligent parking saves time, decreases expenses and restricts the instances of unlawful parking in a space.

Some major key players in the global intelligent parking are:

Valeo S.A.

Continent AG

Robert Bosch GmbH

Kapsch TrafficCom AG

Cubic Corporation

TKH Group-Park Assist

Streetline Inc.


The worldwide corporate training market portion is arranged into some key market segments includes technology, application, end user and region.

By technology




By application

Security and Surveillance

Smart Payment System

E parking

License Plate Recognition

By End User



By Region

North America




Impact of Covid-19 on Intelligent Parking

Abrupt flare-up of the COVID-19 pandemic had prompted the execution of tough lockdown guidelines across a few countries bringing about impermanent closure of various assembling units relating to the parts of intelligent parking. The covid-19 has led to quarantine, which came reductions of parking activities and resulting in closings of parking facilities nationwide.

Air terminals, where stopping addresses one of the biggest income sources, are currently seriously hampered because of worldwide travel limitations and boycotts. A few air terminals have ended development or fix projects, and are giving requests to stop the work because of lower financial plans. Instructive and work foundations like colleges, schools, and workplaces have moved to virtual learning and working game plan.

Market overview

The global intelligent parking market size is projected to grow and reach $11,130 million by 2027 at CAGR of 12.6% that was believed to be at $6,050 million during 2019.

Economic growth

The intelligent parking market size is relied upon to develop by $5,200 million from 2020-2024, advancing at a CAGR of more than 22%.

The Global Intelligent Parking Market is developing at a quicker speed with generous development rates throughout the most recent couple of years and it is assessed that the market will fill essentially in the anticipated period of 2020 to 2027.

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