Global Educational Games Market Promises to Enlighten Growth Prospects with Rising Demand for Gamification

Global Educational Games Market Promises to Enlighten Growth Prospects with Rising Demand for Gamification

The rising demand for online learning due to Covid-19 pandemic, and increasing demand for improving engagement in online learning will likely drive growth of the global educational games market in near future. The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in worldwide lockdowns, forcing regular, and corporate educational offline training to take a backseat. Moreover, this has resulted in tremendous losses for both students, and corporate learners, as time is often of essence in such training program.  On the other hand, online learning has become the go-to option for millions of learners around the world who are looking for quick, convenient, and cost-effective access to education. This has driven major high-education institutes like Hardvard, among others to open up online lectures to new students. Moreover, online academies like Khan Academy, Coursera, promise robust growth as venture funding continues to open up new prospects for growth in the online learning arena.

Gamification Remains a Key Trend to Drive Engagement and Growth in Online Learning

Despite growing demand for online learning, many educators are not yet convinced about the efficacy of online education. The debate about the role of instructor remains an open debate in the educational field. The data from the online education stream also seem to confirm the notion that very small children, and corporate learners often suffer from lack of concentration, and subsequently, loss in productivity in learning. Furthermore, this has been a conventional challenge in corporate training program, as these programs are believed to be dull, repetitive, and often short of productive. The growth of gamification promises to reverse this trend with competitive, collaborative, and game-based learning for users. Moreover, this is based on cognitive, and educational research suggesting engagement in learning remains high with such modern approaches. The promise of gamification also remains a hit among investors, as gamification companies around the world continue to receive tremendous support. The growth of advanced platforms with one-stop solutions, and rising investment in Edtech will likely promise major growth for the global education games market in the near future.

Rising Demand in Asia Pacific will Remain Key to Growth

Rising demand for India, and China remains a major growth prospect in the Asia Pacific region. These two countries with large population, still exhibit their conventional limitations in delivering equal education access, and quality programs. Moreover, these countries are witnessing a large educational scene, thanks to growing development for education products like Byju in India, a billion-dollar educational start-up. Moreover, the government in both India, and China have provided major impetus to growth of online learning, and education, thanks to promising initiatives. For example, in 2020, India’s public information network, Prasar Bharati launched 51 direct-to-home education Tv channels to provide equal access to education to its entire population. Moreover, the education ministry in the country also started intellectual property program for spreading literacy and awareness in the country, on patent inventions, to spur growth of innovation. The rising demand for educational opportunities, the limited scope for expansion for private players in all regions, and promising returns for investment in the education sector will likely drive growth of the global educational games market in the near future.

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