Global Digital Banking Platforms and Services Market Size Was Worth USD 8.2 billion in 2020 and Is Projected to Grow to USD 13.9 billion by 2026

Global Digital Banking Platforms and Services Market Size Was Worth USD 8.2 billion in 2020 and Is Projected to Grow to USD 13.9 billion by 2026

The Global Digital Banking Platform and Services Market Forecast: 

Digital banking platforms allow for automated transfer of conventional and new bank products and services directly to customers via interactive channels of communication. Furthermore, many banks and financial institutions are offering digital banking platforms to increase their global customer base and bringing ease to their clients. The increase in the number of internet users and the increase in switching between traditional and online banks are the main factors driving the industry's growth. 

Furthermore, the increasing use of cloud-based platforms for greater scalability is fuelling the expansion in the marketplace. However, compliance and security issues with digital lending platforms hinder the growth of the marketplace for digital banks. In addition, the growing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning on digital banking platforms and the rise in banking services that are innovative, and the rise of corporate investors are expected to create huge markets.

The retail banking sector is predicted to grow by the most rapid rate and will also hold significant market share in the forecast timeframe due to the growing demand for digital banking platforms by individuals and a rise in investments by SMEs nations in the digital banking platforms.

If you go by region-wise, In 2019, the digital banking platform market was dominated by North America, and it is expected that it will maintain its position for the forecast period. The main factors driving the expansion of the region is the large players as well as the rapid adoption of the latest technologies in the market. But, Asia-Pacific is expected to grow significantly over the forecast timeframe due to the growing IT infrastructure as well as massive investments by private and public sector players within the area.

Market Drivers and Market Restraints for the Global Digital Banking Platform and Services Market-

Driver: A growing demand from banks to provide a better customer experience.

Solutions that are customer-centric allow banks to increase the loyalty of customers by providing better services and speedy responses to customer queries. Banks are focusing on implementing policies to retain customers and attract new customers by efficiently communicating with them.

An omnichannel digital banking platform's capabilities enable banks to conduct personalized interactions across multiple platforms, which include the web, voice, and mobile. This allows banks to interact with customers on all channels. Monitoring customer journeys from beginning to end and tracking the entire process helps to provide a complete picture of each customer.

Digital banking allows for personalization at the rate of between 5% and 15% growth in revenue for firms within the financial services industry. Customers are looking for speedy and quick transactions, which makes the digital platforms for banking more robust and effective to utilize.

Restraints: Digital literacy is not as high in developing countries.

A lot of emerging nations still lack digital literacy, and this hampers the widespread adoption of mobile and online payments. This has a negative impact on the expansion of online banking platforms. Digital literacy covers a wide spectrum of skills, including comprehending and comprehending technical information, which helps individuals make use of digital technology.

The majority of countries on the African continent have a poor digital literacy rate. As a result, it is difficult for people to take advantage of the full potential of digital technology. Technology providers are also hesitant to invest due to the small number of transactions that are digital. 

Hence, it is predicted that the growth of the digital banking platform will be slowed down due to the lack of digital literacy in the emerging country. 

The Covid-19 Impact Analysis:

In the COVID-19 epidemic, where companies face operational difficulties, financial institutions and banks are offering their customers new technological tools as well as strategies of which the digital banking platform has seen significant growth.

Additionally, the rise of mobile and online banking in the COVID-19 pandemic situation among consumers is providing an opportunity for growth for the market for digital banking platforms. Additionally, many institutions and Fintech industries have come up with attractive banking strategies that help SMEs and consumers to use digital banking platforms, which has created numerous potential opportunities in the marketplace.

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