Global Cyber Insurance Market is likely to reach at a value of $28,602.10 million by 2026

Global Cyber Insurance Market is likely to reach at a value of $28,602.10 million by 2026

Cyber Insurance Market

Cyber insurance is intended to assist an association with cyber related security break or similar events. It gives coverages related to first party as well as claims by third parties, to moderate danger exposure by offsetting costs implied with recuperation of web based cyber losses. It commonly incorporates losses from network security breaks, loss of privacy, indemnification from claims related to data breaches, and others. These assaults have raised in terms of force and recurrence, representing a danger to people, association, and nations, which have been driving the reception of cyber insurance solutions.

cyber assaults have an antagonistic effect on organizations, such as, declining client base, disturbance of business, administrative fines, legitimate punishments and lawyer expenses, loss of intellectual property, and reputation harm.

Cyber Insurance Market is segmented in same categories:

By Company Size

Large Companies

Small & Medium-sized Companies

By Industry Vertical


IT & Telecom

Retail & E-commerce



Government & Public Sector

By Region

North America- United States and Canada

Europe- United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific- India, China, Australia, Rest of Asia Pacific, and Japan

LAMEA- Latin America, Africa, and Middle East

Some major key market players in Cyber insurance are:


American International Group, Inc.

Aon plc



Growth in cyber-attacks

Developing quantities of cyber-attacks in a few areas like banking, medical services, retail, financial institutions, and others, has prompted the data security and reputational loss concerns. In February 2018, the national bank of Russia published that a group of hackers succeeded to extract over $5 million from a provincial bank through their SWIFT system. Additionally, these cyber threats have several implications on public safety, financial prosperity, and government security.

To resolve these issues, officials of different countries have framed their particular cybersecurity commissions and teams to order security practices, Moreover, increased awareness about business interruption (BI) hazards and related products has expanded in the current years. Thus, ascend in number of cyber-attacks and security breaks across the business, drive the development of insurance premiums in the market.

Market overview

The Global Cyber Insurance Market is likely to reach at a value of $28,602.10 million by 2026, at a CAGR value of over 20%.

Expansion in adoption of cyber insurance products due to increase in implication of cyber-attacks on public protection, monetary prosperity, and government cyber security, has prompted massive development in the cyber insurance market lately.

Economic growth

The Global Cyber Insurance Market is $,852.19 million in 2018, and is likely to reach at a value of $28,602.10 million by 2026, at CAGR of 24.9%.

Cyber insurance has an enormous potential as it is largely an undiscovered market in developing economics.

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