Covid-19 Vaccination Drives Growth in the Neutral Glass Tubing Market

Covid-19 Vaccination Drives Growth in the Neutral Glass Tubing Market

According to the World Health Organization, Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access Facility (COVAX) has secured 2 billion doses of covid-19 vaccines to provide vaccination for 190 countries in 2021. Moreover, it has also secured more funding for providing 1.3 billion doses, targeting 20% of the population in additional 92 countries. This global vaccination drive will require billions of glass vials, pre-filled syringes, and the neutral glass tubing is widely used for this purpose in United States today. The high-costs of neutral gas tubing remains a concern. However, mass production of gas tubing for vaccination will bring about economies of scale to drive growth of the neutral glass tubing market. Some key players in the glass tubing market are Corning Pharmaceutical Glass, Schott AG, and Nipro Pharmaceutical Packaging. The market remains a consolidated, and yet an innovative landscape for growth.

Growth Soars in the Global Neutral Glass Tubing Market, Thanks to Parental Nutrition

Parental nutrition is a necessary route of administrating nutrition to patients, often bed-ridden with chronical illnesses, diseases like short bowel syndrome, severe acute pancreatitis, and old age. Parental nutrition is administered through veins to deliver a wide range of diets including proteins, minerals, electrolytes, fats, vitamins, among others. the neutral glass tubing is the go-to option to make pre-filled syringes to cater to parental nutrition or PN. The PN administration of diets, and medication has remained a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry as lack of convenience, accuracy, affordability, sterility, safety, and others remained major challenges for growth. On the other hand, pre-filled syringes meet the requisites for feeding chronically ill patients, and takes into account stringent guidelines for meal preparations, directions to use, and provides key advantages like safety, and efficacy. Furthermore, due to rise in chronically-ill patients, and growing elderly population, the demand for pre-filled syringes will remain robust in the neutral glass tubing market.

Rising Demand for Parenteral Drugs Remains a Promising Driver for Growth

Borosilicate glass material is ideal for pharmaceutical packaging needs, because it promises aesthetic appearance, optical clarity, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion, and compact designs. Hence, the material is widely used for glass ampoules, glass vials, glass cartridges, and pre-filled syringes. Moreover, the substance also offers high-chemical resistance required for pre-filling syringes for parenteral drugs. In recent years, the approval for parenteral drugs is on the rise from the FDA. The percentage approval of these drugs is as high as 30-50% of all drugs in the United States on a yearly basis. Furthermore, the demand to cater to a wide range of disabilities, chronic illnesses, and diseases like bowl syndrome promises a robust growth for the neutral glass tubing in the near future. The neutral glass tubing offers additional protection from safety of drugs, as well as bed-ridden patients in pre-filled syringes application, thanks to its high-chemical resistance. The specialized production techniques, and consolidated market landscape may remain a challenge to expansion to its expansion. However, the specialized niche production also guarantees premium pricing for products in the global neutral glass tubing market.

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